Entheogens for the Agnostic

  • Entheogens for the Agnostic
  • A chemical religion has been custom tailored to suite the agnostic's needs. Every class of pharmaceuticals has been marketed and made readily availabe to the partisans of mass culture. Illicit narcotics are marketed to the counter-culture, and dependant on a particular sub-class these drugs are criminalized and stigmatized to perpetuate the post-industrial power structure.
  • For those godless denizens fed with fear and hopelessness, searching for escape from the hell built up around them, a simple plan: a small vacation from reality produced, placed, packaged and priced for thier convenience. A pop-able pill for every bourgiouse man, woman and child. A potent powder for every junkie jew and hypnotised hispanic. Crushed crystals, study aides, erotic intensifiers, anxiety relievers, mood elevators, empathogens: all addictive, all commodity.
  • Furthermore, the stigma attached to each indulgence inturn helps to plant a social virus, one that consumes (through addiction or greed) or alienates (by law or by exile) persons connected in a network. Ultimately weaking the communications structure thus crippling the community.
  • As global entropy exponentially increases so directly does the demand for alleviation. Without a dramatic decrease in demand or eradication of supply, the international drug industry and capitalist-class society are inextricably commerced in this social pandemic.
'Brave New Chemical Persuasion' Social Criticism Oracle Arion ©MMV

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