'Unnatural Deism'

Is GOD Dead?
The answer is inconsequential.
The question itself is doublespeak.
The nature of the faith-based institution invalidates this existential conundrum. Pantheist GOD, the singular universal embodiment, is each its own institution fueled with the faith of Followers. Zealots, whose pontification usurp that political-power engendered by the Institution, act as Avatars. These Dogmatists may be the very real manifestation of GOD or they may be self-righteous imposters drunk with power.
Practically speaking the difference is negligible.

Is GOD Dead? = Did GOD Live or Exist?

Each GOD exists as a process. Typically gods of Polytheism synergize emotion & symbolize power. In Monotheism the GOD is an alchemy that synthesizes individual emotion & work into wealth & power easily exploited. The denigration of its own acolytes is symptomatic of the primal paradox of monotheism: Absolutes Exist. Invariably, the scriptures propagated by the evangelists contain some form of: "I am the ONE” The paradox is that ONE cannot exist; however this does not devalue the GOD but actually empowers the AVATAR! Power Politics aside, the youth indoctrination of the [1=1] fallacy into the canvas of culture corrupts the core of consciousness. The paradox parades as a postulate and billions build upon its fictitious firmament. Popular culture is thus predisposed:
Apocalyptic Absolutism
Synonyms: Absolutism, coercion, despotism, Fascism,
Nazism, Racism, totalitarianism, tyranny, unlimited rule
Antonyms: Democracy, Republic

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